Assembling The Midipal

Wow, so Im having serious problems with this. I admit this is my first SMD project but while I was assembling it I really didnt feel it was overly difficult to solder. I cannot for the life of me get voltage at the bottom right side of the board. I have ran continuity test from power input to the first diode and Im good. But dont have anything from there. I have reflowed many times and get nothing. Im very good with a solder gun, Ive looked at the diodes solder joint with a jewelers loupe and they look good. The big caps are tricky to see if ive got a good joint so im just stuck. I bought the Midipal the first day they released and have spent weeks on it now. Im about to chuck it in the trash. Frustrated, SMD is so hard to trouble shoot becuase its very hard to know if your getting a reading from the component lead or the PCB pad. Any help???

Do you have voltage at the middle pin of the LM1117?

No, I do not appear to have voltage at the LM1117 input. Sorry for my alarming first post, im trying to finish this as a x-mas gift so I guess I was panicking a bit.