Arturia Minibrute - Analog synth in 2012!?

Preview in German:

New, analog :smiley: With a Synthacon filter, Hypersaw (analog - an old idea from Electronotes) and “Metalizer” - seems to be a triangle clipper.
To be announced at NAMM 2012.

France drops nice surprises on us! Who would have thought that something like this would come up? Come on Korg, make us a new MS-20 something something! We know you can.


Under 500€11einsElf!

I dont belive in that. If that would be true it would be the end of DSIs MoPho…

edit: Just checked, its not the 1st of April…

Isn’t it weird?

Also, I like how I want one just for lulz even though it is aesthetically challenged (ugly in plain English). It’s like wanting to do someone old, but famous (just because they’re famous). Yeuch!

Looks like a must have…

This is a great project, and they had the big balls to put a Steiner filter in it (Ok, it’s not as weird as a Polivoks, but it’s still nasty). Some of you might have heard about Yves Usson (Yusynth), he’s the guy behind it (he did the schematics and TH proto, Arturia industrialized it). Arturia has nice infrastructure in place for having things made, so they can be made cheaply. It’s in the same order of complexity of a controller after all…

What this means is that I’ll increasingly have to compete with gear from well-established brands with 100x my marketing and production strength. I can’t be “the guy who does analogue”. Releasing a box with classic circuits and knobs - Korg will do that, and Roland the year after. I can’t be “the guy who does DIY / open source” too, it feels like wanting to win in the special olympics. I have ideas about things I will do and that other manufacturers won’t, because they are not obvious and are not sexy for the mainstream public :slight_smile: You’ll have to be behind me on this :smiley:

Its not exactly ugly…its just - ähem - subesthetically? Ügly? Ill just buy Jojjelitos when he either gets bored (hey - no wavetable no prolonged fun. Women should have wavetables…) or blind by the shere greyness.

Im right behind you pichenettes, and i bet many of the guys here, too.

Well, of course I’ll stick to Mutable gear as well! You have good ideas and can afford to be more innovative than the bigger guys. I’m on the Mutable bandwagon.

Obviously Korg will expand into analog after their runaway hits with the Monotron and Monotribes, it’s just a question of time. Roland seem clueless these days, but maybe it’s snowing in hell…

There’s so many fun things coming out of DIY like Shruthis, Sammiches, OTOs, WTPAs, Vxxy’s, Rockits and such. Mainstream gear will co-exist, but DIY won’t be beaten.

Here’s a hint: Give us moar wavetables! I like Prophet VS, PPG and such. If they had non-soulsucking interfaces, vector control and sequencing plus decent filters we’d be onto something. Then we have the Adventure Kid waveform pack to load, plus Speak-n-spell waveforms and we’re off to fun land. Vocoders are nice :smiley: Then there’s always hard to do in analogue things like wave-morphing, Casio PD stylee and FM synthesis. Try to build a simple saw-to-triangle PWM circuit in analog - not so easy so there’s definitely room for innovation :smiley:

Still, synthacon filters. Yum!

When will we see a mutable diode filter? Diode ladder ala EMS :wink:

I like Yusynth! Yves has a great collection of DIY projects, PCBs etc. Respect!

nice, but someone could have a 3x shruthi-1 polychain for “under 500€” aswell…

Its in no way a replacement for such a sonically refined instrument like the Shruthi. Looking closer the Filter seems to be the most interesting thing about it, but its a bit to early to judge just by some blurry Pics and MP3s.

But it show the way… or will be a total Flop.

I vote for show the way. Still, analog means that there’s so many timbres you can’t get that you can have from the Shruthi. It’s a very different kettle of fish. But, the interface! Can’t beat real knobs for playability. Then again, the Arturia can playa hate all it wants. The Shruthi has a bigger sonic pallet to put on the canvas :smiley:

ballsy move for sure…

As I met Yves Usson the same day I met Olivier (yes in the same room) I can tell you this one shouldn’t sound bad …

There is more to say about the Minibrute than just its filter because the oscillator, though being alone, has some nice and innovative analog waveform transformation tool. Just to set it right, do you see the difference between a squarewave osc and a PWM osc. Here you have similar things for the PWM obviously but also for the saw (Ultrasaw) and triangle Wave (Metalizer).

Then each function on the panel is dedicated to one parameter. And the CV/Gate interface and Audio In input provide means to further expand it.

This one should be a nice companion for the Shruthi-1 which provide quite different features …

Wow nice, there are definitely some nice new analog synths coming out this year :slight_smile: MFB Dominion X, Moog Minitaur, MacBeth Micromac, and now this… awesome!

Seems like a good year for analog synths, no doubt. And don’t miss the Pulse 2. :slight_smile:

This is Fake, because it has Knobs for every Row of the Edit Matrix - Waldorf would never ever do this… :wink:

Just to be the first: The Vintage Pulse is sonically far superior. Period.

Oh, you’re right. Now that you mention it, I see that it’s just a rendered image… someone must have hacked their site! :wink:

Aaaand one more: Eowave Koma
New Acid Machine? :smiley:

Haha for the Eowave. It’s the Duke Nukem of new synths :smiley:

Wonder when we’ll see the Pulse 2 go from a render to tangible hardware? With “Electron-absorbing black case” and all…

It will be released soon after the Stromberg - 2017 if i am right with calculating Waldorfs Schedule

The pulse2 looks tasty. Fixes the awkward interface of the 1 (grrrrrr big red button to scroll pages grrrrrr). Probably my NAMM favorite so far - Waldorf gear is always well executed and laid-out.

I wonder how they do the 4/8 voices paraphonic mode. If they can duplicate the analog DCO circuit (waveshaper and all) 8 times, why don’t they duplicate the VCFs too? I bet it’s either downsized (you won’t get only 1 OSC per voice in 8 voices mode) ; or VA oscillators, using the Blofeld engine.

On mine the big red button is grey… the only really bad about its UI is that the big RedGrey Button only scrolls the active Row in one direction… Im curios about the inside, the original Pulse its really old school - ill bet now its a mess of SMT.