Arturia microbrute [was: arturia's annoying announcement announcement]

no, it’s not an echo in the thread title. arturia are announcing that they will have something to announce next week.

i’m not a huge fan of that kind of teasing marketing, but they got me hooked nonetheless. :slight_smile:

loving my minibrute (although it’s currently being repaired - hopefully) and very interested to see what their next analog synth is going to be (if that is what this is about).

maxibrute? microbrute? polybrute?

we’ll know in six days, seven hours and fifty-six minutes… :smiley:

fr@nk? do you have enough on stock - no matter what it is . . . .

Hehe, we could try to ask him what it is !

i’m sure he could tell us - but then he would have to kill us.
and there is always so much paperwork involved when he does that.
so my guess is he simply won’t. :smiley:

not before six days, seven hours and twenty minutes from now, anyway.

I am intrigued too!

I love my Minibrute, quality issues not withstanding (2 broken key bumper stops, waiting to get replacent keybed).

What I can gather form the info:

-No presets
-Not a Soft Synth
-Big/Massive Sound
-Modern Connectivuty (USB is modern?, wifi?)
-Maybe a reedition of an old synth? It is mentioned that there is an “original”
-Could have no keyboard, as there is no mention of it and they emphasize compactness
-Could be a keyboard less Minibrute?

The website says K4Lv1n, maybe that is a clue as to the synth type or name?

So if you think it a bit further it will be a Minikeyboard version of the Minibrute, following the trend for black and white keys for the untouched by classical drill keyboardist- ill bet a box of Tannenzäpfle on that.

probably some evolution of the Minibrute.
Maxibrute I guess.
or Mediumbrute maybe

Just saw this thread …
Well, I have the K4Lv1n here on my desk and I can confirm that the quotes in the teaser are telling the truth, it is indeed a lot of fun.
And as I mentioned in another forum, it does not make the MiniBrute obsolete. :slight_smile:

Does it use Pads or Nespresso™ Capsules?

I like when these teasers appear and people throw the most crazy and amazing ideas and at the end is a mini keys version or a coloured one…


Hmm. They’re making it sound very mysterious and intriguing- advertising works! I really can’t see the value in Arturia putting out another single oscillator mono synth without something else- possibly a sequencer? Dedicated external audio processing?

Maybe it’s a revival of the Kurtzweil K series V.A.S.T synthesis (a welcome return!)- but that would be a marketing failure. The analog craze assures us we won’t be getting a cool audio processing/sampler/synth module…

Well maybe it’s a workstation… or a rompler :slight_smile:

ok, so it’s going to be a modern reinterpretation of a 4-voice classic without any patch storage.
tom oberheim is already doing his own 4-voice.
mono/poly would be for korg to do - and besides, the vermona perfourmer is already close.
so that would leave a modernized jupiter 4.
a tiny little jupiter 4 with usb.

maybe a minibrute rack, with midi control on every parameters ?

A minibrute dum-machine?

or a minibrute version of the 303?

A drum machine would make sense- with a multi-track recorder plugin for DAWs…get that mix right.

They make a mention of a synthesizer and saw waves… So I guess it is a synth… Maybe a modular… Kalvin? Doesn’t ring a bell yet…