Arturia like Braids

Arturia announced a new Eurorack case and use Braids!Arturia_Braids

That’s a really strange way to announce your eurorack line. Add one Oscillator. It’s missing the the target of the modular a bit I think. Also can’t understand why they didn’t make the EuroBrute MO-32 style. Not that I would get one, but it seems like a sure hit.

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The link system is a great idea, though. I bet many touring band musicians will like the form factor for “auxiliary synth sounds”. It’s sturdy enough to sit well on a stand on the stage, it folds with your modules still patched and doesn’t look too bulky (well, not with the 6U boat on the top, that is). I find the cases a little pricey, to be honest. But eurorack cases are generally very pricey, so they’d probably be stupid to make this super cheap.

Braids is a great first sound source to compliment their new synth. Just saying.


Putting Braids there really makes sense. If you want to add one sound source to an already complete semi-modular synth, without adding a “full voice” module, which might create some redundancy, then I’d say Braids is one of the few that make sense, because it’s capable of being a complete voice, while being small and still being useful once you expand it to a full modular row.


Didn’t catch the “first module you buy” part of the promo pictures, so I agree, it makes good sense.