Arturia Beatstep

I didn’t pay this thing any mind at first, but then I watched the videos. The flexibility of this device is fantastic, and the price is awesome too. I can already see a couple different ways I could make use of it. It’s tempting me to sell my machinedrum and just use this to trigger drums in Ableton while sequencing another synth. hmm…

Yup, for 99 currency units, this is a great way for 4-knob Shruthi-1 owners to address their XT envy. And it works with your modular.

Yep, I thought I might get one of these too.
I only have an Arturia Lab 49 as my controller at the moment.
But in conjunction with Yarns… Boom!

So it might end up never being used.
But if you don’t already have a half decent midi/sequencer/cv/thing set up this would be killer.

it is only single track though right… machinedrum has 16 sequencer tracks…
dont know that the beatstep would replace your machinedrum as a sequencer?!

I’ve never really worked with midi too much before, I had a Kenton Pro 4 for all (rarely) midi to cv duties, along with a midi control keyboard. They didn’t get much use in my modular world to be honest.
But I’m warming to the idea of using controllers, especially since I bought Yarns.

For the price of a couple of Beatsteps you could get Yarns and a bog standard midi keyboard and get 4 x 64 step sequencers spitting out cv and gates with all sorts of extra gubbins.
But that’s in the modular world I guess.
Beatsteps is probably aimed at the more simplified set-up in the mono synth world.
But it does look pretty tasty for the price.

I wouldn’t replace a Machinedrum with it though, to be honest.

I’m still using an old Korg Microkontrol because I like the combination of faders + knobs. CVPal serves my basic CV/Gate needs. I even thought of mounting one inside the microkontrol case, but since this is not a host I think it wouldn’t work.

But what I like about the beatstep is that it can be used standalone. Wouldn’t it even be possible to use the 5V-Rail of the modular to power the beatstep? Building a micro-USB-to-busboard cable should be easy.

@janniz Yes.

I think I’ll check this out when they become available … hope there is some way to dim the LEDs, though.

@sd88me & Simon - Thanks for the advice. I see where you guys are coming from. The machinedrum is great and definitely powerful. I think that’s part of the issue for me - it might be “too much machine.” I find that for my music-making preference (Detroit Techno & a little dnb) I tend to keep my drums on the lighter, minimal side. I feel like I use 10% of my MD. Of course, I haven’t had a ton of time to really dive into it and explore. Fortunately the beatstep doesn’t come to market for a few months. Then again, maybe I just use both? I suppose I’m riding the line between infinite possibilities and a simpler, more straightforward setup. It’s a constant struggle.

@cold_fashioned Have you looked into the MFB Tänzbar? It might be much more suited to your style of music and workflow you enjoy.