Arturia Beatstep

Best Namm 2014 gear so far i think…

especially for including midi usb-midi and cv in one device for under €100,-

Fab! Do I want/need one of these more than a QuNexus? Probably. It has knobs.

That’s bananaz. I was looking at m-audios16 sequencer and saw that’s pretty much software bound and got sad. This looks righteous, especially at that price

It’s about damn time. Seems like Arturia is one of the few larger companies making logical decisions based the realities of the hardware marketplace.

There are NO retail analog step sequencers available that aren’t hidden in another synth or AKAI MAX series controllers.

Yep, very neat. Midi in is USB-only, though? But I like the size & pricetag. Might be a nice addition to a small eurorack?


advice- don’t get external controllers. They just end up getting in the way eventually…

But that is small enough that it might not. I want a NanoBrute because the Micro is too big!

No clock in :confused: … I don’t want to use it as master unit.

I’m sold. I wanted a Qunexus before to play modular gear, but this is pretty cool.

finally something that can do something standalone.
i’m really annoyed by the glorified-midi-controller flood.

I’ve been thinking of pairing back to: an Ableton machine, a couple of synths, a master keyboard and something like the Beatstep.

If it is up to the build-quality of the Arturia keyboards it is good value and I want one.

It’s really, really nice that you can use it stand-alone with regular MIDI out or VC out. Smart move.

I think arturia is gunning for the eurorack crowd…possibly in advance of a EuroBrute?

hmm, at that price it’d almost be tempting to get two…but how would you sync them together?

other than that, though…looks great.

I don’t need another sequencer or another pad controller but I pre ordered one of these anyway. It looks like its fun to use. The cool thing about Eurorack is that its almost impossible to have more mod sources than mod destinations.

And can I just say how cool are they to throw a TTSH in their promo video!

can i have one for Birthday?

actually, this looks really cool!

Didi anybody notice the knobs are on the same style as the ones on the Brutes?

They are encoder knobs, and then there is this big one.

They would look great on a Polybrute…