Arp set to external clock, what clocks are used


I finished my shurthi_xt with the 4pole filter and standart mk2, started playing around a bit, I love the randomizer to find different instentanious sounds , didnt quite my way into the arp step or seq setting, but playing around a lot with my midikeyboard and the arpeggiator.

My keyboard has not quite a good ability to do step sequencing notes to midi out, so I did wanna use my korg esx 1 for that purpose.
Now the shruthi is working, but I do not get the arpeggiator to correctly work the way i want it to, I would love the arp to work exactly in the midi clock out speed, since then everything is in tact.
But the damn thing doesnt put out anythign when put in external clock speed mode, when I set a bpm directyl it kinda does work.

I assume the korg puts out different note information than my midikeyboard, which probably has the full things, from velocity and everything, while the korg just puts out note on and off, thats what i guess.

So anyone got that issue as well, or does it work with your settings, or do I have some brain bugs and it simply should work the way i was telling?

Thanks for your advice in advance.

I don’t understand your MIDI setup.

Like this?

Then you need to enable MIDI clock output on the ESX1.

it puts out midi clk, at least thats what i guessed, cause my x0xbox will work when using this exact those settings.
So either my korg is only putting out midi start, but i am pretty sure it does send midi clk signals.

How is the arp supposed to work with external clk signals?
Does is trigger a new note on each clock?

Since i also can change the number of octaves played it also alters the length of the arp playing so i alters every timing, also the divider does alter the length, no?

> Does is trigger a new note on each clock?

No, because then you would get 24 notes per beat!

First it divides the incoming clock by 6 (to get sixteenth notes), and then apply a preset pattern to get the final rhythm.

Sorry I thought you were asking about Anushri…

ok ill give it a try when at home.
What is the rec button? Where is it, who is, why is it :slight_smile:

Seriously, I did fly over the manual, no rec found, only stated in seq mode there is a step by step recorder, did you mean that one?

ok, so i tried it again, i played around a bit and i found out this:

i amk sendin on midichannel 3, and receiving notes on channel 3, so the stp thing is working ok, as soon as i switch to arp its not working the way i want it to work, but i guess its doing its thing. the seq i didnt play around yet, is it that when i send a note on channel 3 the seq will start doing its sequence? no matter what i send next?

And then i played around with the midi channles on the shurthi, i switched around randomly from 0 to 16, on 0 of course its also receiving, on 3 as well then when i receive anote and switch in that time instant the midichannl, somethimes the arp begins to hit in and play its thing.

So maybe i got no clue on which channel my midi clk is sending, and i cannot see this on the korg, maybe i gotta read the manual again, they say sometimes that helps :smiley:

> is it that when i send a note on channel 3 the seq will start doing its sequence?

Yes. The note transposes the sequence.

> So maybe i got no clue on which channel my midi clk is sending

The MIDI clock is not send on any particular channel. Note message, control changes, etc. belong to a specific channel, but the clock messages do not.

so my best guess right now is the midi structure of the korg esx, as it works as a monophonique synthisizer , so one note each step, maybe there is the problem, cause on my midi keyboard i can of course play chords or multiple notes at once an the shruthi starts its arpeggiator thing.

I did play aroung with gate length on the esx steps but no changes, i will hook up some other device that puts out notes and see what it does to them.

The point of an arpeggiator is to transform a continuously held chord into a pattern… It won’t work if you send a sequence of short, single notes.

i thought if i play them long enough or with long gate times, after each other, since the esx cannot play more notes at once, it will work.

i wonder how the data stream of my keyboard looks, my next project will be a device that reads out midi messages with a msp430 texas instrument that is.
I need that a lot of times :slight_smile: