Arp not adjustable on anushri

Hello there,
I somehow cannot get the arp to adjust on my anushri.The tempo is all that will adjust the arp.The other knobs do nothing when the clk/ kyb is switched on.
All else seems to function accept the arp adjustments. It seems the snap mode is not unlocking the pots for the arp i also moved the ccw and clkwise to unlock the pots to no avail…I tried a run/stop holding during power up
to revert to factory settings .There isn’t much more i can try.I checked solder connections they look allright also.It seems one or more pots do nothing
I checked control surface and also main board.Can I ship this board to have it looked at, if i cannot fix it?Who will fix it ,as i cannot afford another anushri,and i paid for this one and it should work properly.thanks if you can help or direct me to someone i can send this to for repair…regards .scottsober

First check if knob 3 and 4 do work in synth mode.
Please check also that you really use the arp and not a sequence. To be sure record an empty sequence before (press the rec button two times)

What start-up proceedure just turn power on then ?What is the process record 2 x then hit a not on the midi keyboard ?The knobs are working now.

the knobs on synth work know i was not sure they are working on clk/ kbd though tempo works on clk / kbd…regards scottsober

There is no specific start procedure. Just press “rec” to start recording a sequence and then press it again, so you are sure that no notes are recorded in the sequencer.

Then you press play or start via external midi, press some buttons on the keyboard and it should work.

The upper 3 LEDs indicate in kbd/CLK mode in which direction you have to turn the knob to match the current value before it will actually change the parameter. Would be interesting if this works in your Anushri.

That fixes everything all knobs adjust now.Thankls alot for the help ! I was wondering what is the procedure to start the sequencer as i figure it is different from the arp?Also how to hook up my
mb6582 wilba i built to the anushri?Also how to use the jacks cv and what type equipt to hook up
I have sn76477 sn voice thomas henry and also ud-1 drum don’t know how to hook these up.I also have lowpass gate pc board i will be building could you tell me how these 4 units will play with
anushri .thanks …----scottsober

You can chain the MB6582 via midi after Anushri. Have a look at the manual for the midi filtering options.

For the rest I don’t know. I didn’t use any voltage controlled synths of drum modules with the Anushri yet… but that gives me an idea… still have a CV drum synth around I didn’t use for long :slight_smile: