Argh! Alps volume pot!

Mouser are out of stock until bloody February 2015!

Anyone got one they would sell or have a hot tip for another place to find them?



Use a linear one?

Same situation :frowning:

Will this work or is the shaft too short?

Just signed up to forum and just had the same problem. Go to Mouser and search for part no. 688-RK09D1130F25C0A1. The number is almost identical to the BOM just has a ‘1’ stuck on the end. I pretty sure its the same component and right now they have 66 in stock.

I have a bag with some of these. As I don’t intend to produce new batches of Ambika or Anushri kits, I can get rid of those.

If one of you is interested in getting them and dispatch to other forum member, let me know. You’ll have to pay for the shipping or I can bundle it with your order.