Are they gone for good?

Are all of the MIDIPals gone for good, or might we see a few more on the store?

You can still go for the MidiBud

Very easy to put together, and works well.

I have unassembled boards and cases for about 25 of them. I keep them to service warranty requests.

In the future, when the 2 year warranty of the units I’ve sold this year has expired, I’ll probably build the remaining pieces and sell them through the forum.

Crap I knew I had to buy one and waited for too long…
This is not a DIY project pichenettes, why are you discontinuing it ? you don’t sell it enough anymore ?

i think olivier explained this earlier in another thread (which i can’t seem to find anymore). iirc, it had to do with him wanting to discontinue his collaboration with the current midipal manufacturer and not expecting to sell enough units to make it worthwhile to go with this product to a new manufacturer.

I think it’s still a pity to discontinue the Pal - it’s such a genius problem solver/fun-box.
Luckily I got one of the last ones!
I think that this is a product that could be viable in the future too.

“I think it’s still a pity to discontinue the Pal – it’s such a genius problem solver/fun-box.” That’s true. The MidiPal is the only reason I have seven Shruthis. The best polyphonic synth I have ever used.

The MidiBud can run the MidiPal firmware, if I’m not mistaken. So, still can be had, with a little soldering :slight_smile:

I must have been very lucky, must have got one of the last ones

Missed it by a couple of days! :frowning:

Really need a midi pal, as I have sold some of my old gear, mono/poly, sh101 and my poly800 is not working correctly. Miss chord memory and step sequencing. I think they are out of stock and discontinued. Shipping will be to the uk.


MIDIBud is a non-SMT version:’


What is non-SMT???
Sorry if that is a stupid question- I’m new here…

@lineofcontrol: SMT means surface mount technology. SMT is much smaller than thru hole parts. Essentially non-SMT is easier to solder. :slight_smile:

SMT was introduced to save space and allow for machine assembly of electronics. But it’s not really human friendly for the most part.