Are the CCs hardwired?

My Ambika bits will arrive soon, and I’m already scoping a good keyboard with knobs and sliders to use with it. I’m looking at the novation launch key 49, looks like it should have enough to have Juno-esque hands on control, but the CCs its mapped to are hard wired, so hoping the CCs in the Ambika can be changed? I can’t see anything about it in the docs, can it be done? Or would I need to edit the firmware?

Ambika’s CC assignments are hard-coded.

I’d be surprised if you couldn’t change the CC sent by the LaunchKey. Have you checked there isn’t an assignment editor on the Novation site?

It seems there isn’t, weirdly…

Something like a MIDIPal might be able to re-assign CCs for you. Or you could probably make/find a Max4Live patch to do the same, if you’re a Live user.

Yeah I can think of plenty of ways to convert with a laptop but I really want direct midi control. I guess that means a different keyboard or making changes to the code.

The code is open source, I bet you could dig in and find the place to change them. The harder part will probably be re-compiling the code correctly.

compiling the code is actually pretty easy. a few of us around here could help with most issues.

Thanks guys. I’ve already incorporated Launchkey CC map as a preference page option as part of the mods here Ambika Firmware Mods (Ambika Live!)