Are americans stupid

Interesting how a 3-word question can evoke so much thought. I think in the U.S.A., we have a mix of it all from the incredibly brilliant right down to scraping the bottom of the barrel of humanity. With ~320 million in population, it’s hard not to.

All the same, I think I can see where the OP is coming from. For some reason, we have trended toward a focus on mindlessness and the quick fix vs. thoughtfulness and working toward a goal. It boggles my mind how obsessed people are with “celebrities”, Hollywood, and to a certain extent Britain’s royal family. It’s so easy to sum up with how popular the Kardashians are. Most of them have never done anything to contribute to society, yet they’re all over the news, tv, etc. Poor Bruce Jenner won a gold medal in one of the toughest Olympic events, and he’s portrayed as a bumbling buffoon who wastes his time with golf and RC helicopters. I digress.

There are a lot of great things happening here in the US of A. Unfortunately, a lot of it gets overshadowed by the stupid stuff. This occurs in many aspects of life (media, politics, art, etc.) I could go on and on on this subject, since it’s been on my mind recently. However, I need to get back to work and earn some of these rapidly depreciating dollars.

I’m doomed to listening to german radio 8 hours a day at work and approximately 4 of those were spent with absolutely pointless vocal diarrhea about that baby Kate has spawned somewhere in I-couldnt-care-less-britain. People are dumb, everywhere. And the opposite aswell, unless, ahem, youre forced to grow up religiously…

Yes I agree fcd72, he should keep his truck cleaner ; )

Like this fine gentleman´s RR:

not exactyl - a Range Rover would have fit onto a standard euro parking slot…

There is a strict policy when purchasing a Range Rover. Each potential buyer must visit the dealers in house psychologist and determine that the buyers level of douche bagitry is enough to own one.

Maybe an American tourist on a small square standard euro parking slot :slight_smile:

shure, he just had his RAM as MLC

@fcd72 oups ? i don’t understand … ?

MLC = maximum legal carryon aka hand luggage
RAM = look at the car

its just that no americano ever brings his car over here becaus of costs - well, the GIs on June 6th had slightly other Opinion though.

:slight_smile: understood