Are americans stupid

if so and why? (yes im american and i cpnsider my self stupid.)

Oh noes, don’t go there! This will be a thread that can only end badly.

And, my answer is no.

A favorite for us others is when some American will try to point out some other country in the world and failing. Doesn’t mean that they’re dumb - the US is a very big place so lots of people there never go abroad. Ask a few random EU citizens to identify other EU countries, or something about US states, or countries in Latin America or Africa and chances are they’ll look stupid too.

It would be dumb to assume everyone failing some geography questions stupid. Then you have stuff like Honey Boo Boo which is dumb shit for reals, some entertainment will always be dumb no matter where you go. Taking advantage of poor, uneducated people etc. Or mixing in personal antipathy towards what the US as a superpower or any other random country does to the world, companies, culture etc.

There, hope this will be hate-free, otherwise you threw a fat torch on the firewood :wink:

in an earlier life i thought they’re stupid but when i was there i learned that they’re not stupid at all. sure, you’ll find stupid people everywhere but from what i’ve seen average americans are cooler and less inhibited than …well, germans :wink:
if you really think so, just come here and have a look / talk on the street. you’ll notice a difference and if it’s only lack of smiles

Essentially, we all have our stupid moments. Americans (I’m Canadian) seem to put those moments on TV a bit more I think, which might make them seem more stupid than everyone else. I’m waiting for the day when the non-stupid Americans rise up and destroy some TV stations.

north-americans, central-americans, or south-americans ?

Haha, there’s so many people in larger countries like the US, Germany, France, the UK etc so change is difficult. Us people in small countries (Sweden is marching towards 10 millions in a few years) can change more since we don’t need to be that many for any movement to have an effect.

@eelco: Good one! Of course I assumed the US when Americans was mentioned :wink:

@eelco, that is a good one, I keep forgetting about that. So, what should we call people from the U.S.A.? U.S.A.-ians?

There is stupidity everywhere, everytimes…

@piscione: Californians.

I am American and smart enough to like MI Synths. I think that counts for something :slight_smile:

Also: see Moog, Robert, among others :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s a start :stuck_out_tongue:

I started to think of the Einstein quote: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”

Of course, this forum is free from teh stoopid.

As @piscione so astutely pointed out (from his Ivory Tower up in Canada :-):

The stupid people here in America have a MUCH louder voice and a much greater need to have it heard by as many people as possible. There is unabashed stupidity here- no shame in it, because this is America, and everyone’s right! The people living in trailer parks in the woods of Kentucky have some valid points to make about crime in inner-cities! Let’s hear them talk about it on TV for hours and hours! Science-denying politicians deserve to be heard, because that’s what Jesus wants!

Ignorance has become a virtue here: it’s the only thing keeping the good old boys in power- misinformation that confuses the interests of the (white) poor with the interests of the very wealthy!


Colonials :wink: lol

I’m not sure about others who live within the imaginary lines of the land mass I live on (aka United States of America)… but I consider my self a SDIYian. I think I can speak for most in our small but diverse community who live throughout this little blue spec that we have no race, no nationality, no creed, but one drive… to see what we can pull from that little opamp, transistor, or ic. To see what we can offer to the rest who have a common interest as us. To see who can finally come up with the cost effective diy analog poly synth that I have been searching for for what seems decades… As I pound my fist down on this desk and mix up my carefully tested and sorted group of matched transistors and resistors (damnit… ask not what your sdiy community can do for you, ask what you can do for you sdiy community)

Dual citizen of the UK and the USA here. I don’t think Americans are stupid at all. In fact I think America probably has some of the smartest people in the world in there somewhere, after all it is a rather large country. Unfortunately I do feel that the majority of Americans are pretty ignorant to most things in the world and even things going on around them. That being said, I don’t feel like people in other countries are any better. I don’t think this has anything to do with nationality, but more to do with the fact that the human race in general seems to be somewhat of a lost cause :stuck_out_tongue:

Nationalities don’t make any difference - it’s the constant battle against stupidity in humanity in general that’s the challenge.
Strindberg (who was obviously border line crazy / genius) said it well in (non translateable) Swedish: ‘Det är synd om människorna’.

Yes, but it’s all in god’s plan.

I don´t see where this thread comes from, nor where it´s headin´. Neither can be good…but short answer, no.

I can confirm stupidity in The Netherlands to!
Some of it is on my own account, RTFM! :wink:

Herrprof knows what’s up. We’re stupid as often as is necessary to become more refined souls