Arduino DUE is finally here!

Just ordered mine yesterday. 53€ with shipping costs to Spain. Maybe a little bit overpriced, but it’s OK :-/

Cool ideas on how to use it Shruthi-wise? :slight_smile:

Just wait for what Pichenettes is developing-I’m sure it will be useful then!

Handy for prototyping I guess.

Looks great ! The included ADACs are making this suddenly very attractive to me
I wonder if there’s enough juice to program something like a DX7 emulation on it ( with say 8 voices ) ?
12 bit outputs should provide just the right level of crunch.

8 voices of 6-ops FM… maybe not ; but 5 voices of 6-op or 8 voices of 4-op yes.

Nice, thanks ! I find 4-op to be more than enough in most cases anyway.
Now if I could get a few months off from my day job :smiley:

You don’t need months off, you just need to pay Olivier for about 47 minutes to code it :wink:

With PreenFM code being open source it sorts of makes sense to improve that more, last time was a good improvement :wink:

Unless of course you’re aiming for a different sound.