Arcrylic enclosure Assembly Hints, Tips and Tricks

If you ordered the Acrylic enclosure to have an nice view to your new best Friend while protecting it from the world you might check here for Assembly Instructions.

Have Fun!

Edit: Please don’t ask Olivier about this enclosure. If you have questions, please post them here!

Anyone who wants to adopt the Pinky Case? I have a new one and now Pinky is looking for a real Brain…

A couple of things I discovered whilst constructing my case which might be useful to other people…

The M3 X 12 screws that come with the Shruthi-1 kit for assembling the bottom of the case are a bit too short. Once the case, the filter board and the 2 nuts and washers have been put on, there’s not really enough left over to put the standoffs onto. I ended up using some M3 X 19 screws I had lying around, which work brilliantly.

The holes for the MIDI sockets seem a bit low on the enclosure compared to where the actual ports get attached on the underside of the control board. My MIDI cables do still fit into the sockets, but it’s worth checking when you’re assembling the case.

Putting the top screws in, through the two washers and the control board and into the standoffs can be quite tricky. I found it useful to hold the bottom washer between the board and the standoff with a pair of long-nosed pliers whilst I put the screw in.

When taping the nuts into the side panels, it’s a good idea to take the time to make sure the tape doesn’t go over the edges of the panel. Dealing with the tape got quite fiddly when I was putting the top piece on.

When you’ve attached the LCD to the control board, you need to remember to clip off the tops of the connector, otherwise there won’t be room to put the top panel on.

In general though, the enclosure is pretty easy to put together, looks great and feels very sturdy. I’m very happy with it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, I’m going to switch to M3x20 for the next batch of kits. I originally though that the two boards would fit without an extra nut on the standoffs, and the 12mm would have been enough then.

I wondered about that extra nut - was the case designed before you realised you needed to put that nut in? Might explain the offset of the holes for the MIDI ports.

No, the case was designed for the assembly with the extra nut