Anyone with an Ambika display to sell?

Hi all,

After waiting forever to buy parts for my Ambika build, I’m FINALLY ready to pull the trigger. Except now the Kyocera Optrex 40x2 LCD is unavailable from Mouser until mid July. So, I’m exploring other options. I may get the Newhaven, or splurge for a Noritake VFD, but I thought I’d check just in case: does anyone have a spare Ambika display they’d like to sell? I’m open to suggestions on colors, display type, etc.


both mouser numbers from ambika bom are available, at least in europe?
I did built my ambikas with both, working. so I think there should not be a problem, besides the shipping costs of mouser.–+MC24005A6W-FPTLW&selectedCategoryId=&categoryNameResp=Alle%2BKategorien&searchView=table&iscrfnonsku=false

Also a nice one - good quality , White with black letters.

I bought a Noritake 40x2 VFD for my XTk keyboard but didn’t like it. The letters are too far back from the front of the display and in the XTk this meant cut off of the bottom row characters unless viewed at a shallow angle. Not an issue for a clear case Ambika though.

Willing to post to someone for the cost of shipping. It has a orangey film applied and pins soldered to the back of the PCB, so would have to be mounted on the top of the Ambika (may not fit in some cases?),

6581punk, that sounds awesome. I was originally looking for something amber/orange-ish. I’ll send you a private message…

Hey 6581punk, did you receive a message from me? No pressure or anything. I understand everyone is busy, but I thought I’d better make sure there wasn’t a technical glitch. Hit me up when you’re able.

get the OLED, Mouser stocks them now.

Nope, no PM received.

Strange. I’m out and about at the moment, but I’ll send again when I get home.