Anyone with 15.000 bucks to spend ? :)

A good example of how vintage gear goes slightly overpriced these days imho…

Holy hell! I’d rather build a Phutney and bank the rest of the money for other gear…

I´d rather buy some of those fancy wooden knobs form some other post for my equipment!

I think this is 500$ for the Synth, 1500$ for the historical relevance and the other 13k$ are totally weird.

How much for the Midi upgrade and the supa-dupa cool blue keyboard ?

Its all in da 500€ :wink:

you can build that with a couple of 555s…
well not really, still not worth it.
but then if it cost 500€ I’d buy it right away! :slight_smile:

You know what, the problem with vintage gear prices is collectors with too much money.

A mate in New York Has one … it is not worth that …


Here I am turning 55 soon, growing up in the 70s and I find myself being the owner of no analogue synths! Oh where did I go wrong!? Analogue synths are so expensive now, they must be better, right?

I think the best one was a while ago on eBay-someone asked (and got) $395 for a Moog passive multiples panel-a piece of aluminium with 12 jacks that almost certainly needed replacing.

EMS has built really cool stuff. I once owned the vocoders system 2000 and i hated myself for selling it, as i needed the money for more, let’ s say… usable stuff. But most of the EMS stuff is quite noisy and limited, as most of this vintage stuff.

€500 would get you the pin matrix, and little to no change!

Lovely synths though. And are still made new! Indeed, the one in the ebay add appears to be a late one. New ones are not nearly as expensive either. But there is a lengthy waiting list.
As much as I like ‘some’ old synths, I don’t see the logic in paying a fortune for them either. Be it a £1k 303 or a £15k VCS3/Synthi. Then again, what does a Stradivarius violin sell for again?? I guess it’s all relative :slight_smile:
Have soldering iron… Will build :wink: