Anyone using a 1-spot to power a bunch of Shruthis

I’ve somehow ended up with more Shruthis than I realized, who knows what they’re doing at night after I go to bed but they seem to be multiplying. They also seem to be creating wall warts all over the place, a trail of them. I’m running out of power outlets so I thought I would try a 1-Spot pedalboard power supply. I made a little something to swap the ring and pin so it would be centre positive and hooked up a bunch of Shruthis to the chain.

Now things get interesting. My latest 4PM, which has been a challenge anyways, started making a repeating noise, sort of like it was wheezing (maybe they’re smoking at night too, after making wall warts). It was the same noise but would repeat at random intervals. Also, when I turned the encoder, I would get more odd noises. I figured it was just another problem with this particular unit and turned it off. Then I noticed that some of the other Shruthis would also make strange noises when the encoder was turned.

I unplugged the 1-spot chain from the 4PM and put in the old wall wart instead, and the 4PM was suddenly fine (at least as fine as it was beforehand). So, I’m wondering, has anyone else used a 1-spot to power a bunch of units, and have you noticed anything odd?

I used a 9spot to power my shruthi1 and a bunch of other 9vdc type synths and got alot of crosstalk and noise. Ive since switched to a proper isolated pedal power supply from voodoo labs and it works great.

I use a cheapo adjustable wall wart from Reichelt and one of the daisy chain power cables that came with my pedal board to power three or four units, and I 'm not having any issues.

I had similar issues with a behringer type device…basically a 1 spot copy. My midi controller would cause noise when I adjusted any cc on the Shruthi…like the volume cc. I posted about it a while ago. It would only happen with 3 or more Shruthis or 2 and a midialf.

The problem was fixed when I bought a Tripp lite rack strip. I use the behringer to only power a couple of things at a time.

Edit…Behringer power the world or something

The WIKI currently mentions the 1-Spot as an option for powering a bunch of Shruthis but perhaps this should be edited or removed?

I had no issues when using a daisy chain on my Shruthi and MidiALF, but I didn’t have more than that on the same chain. Digital stuff tends to cause the noise unless you have truly isolated circuits.

These were all Shruthis, nothing else.

I think that the maximum limit should be established before removing it. :slight_smile:

Maximum limit of what? The 1-Spot is rated at 1700ma I think, plenty of power to handle the 5 Shruthis I tossed at it.

It’s an unregulated supply, and it’s a crap shoot if it will work in a daisy chain or not. That goes for guitar pedals too. The best course is what herrprof mentioned: get an isolated multisupply such as the Voodoo Lab. Expensive compared to the 1-Spot, but worth it if you are having issues. Plus, rock solid for recording.

Maximum limit in terms of shruthi’s connected to it.
It might be more cost effective to get two powersupplies of dubious(ish) quality than one of excellent quality, so if it can power c couple of shruthi’s, it might still be good for something. :slight_smile:

The idea was to eliminate the wall warts. If all the 1-Spot will do is power two or three Shruthis, I might as well go back to the wall warts. I know it is unregulated but its intended use, according to the documentation, is powering a daisy chain. We have been using 2 1-Spots in the guitar pedalboard for a few years and had no issues. The Voodoo labs thing might be better but I’m not so sure it’s better enough to justify its cost.

I only ran into problems with mine at clubs and playing at friends super old electrical houses. If you dont have those problems the 9spot should be fine.

hi guys,
does anyone know an available solution similar to the 1-spot to daisy-chain 9V AC (not DC)? for example, to chain multiple ambika’s + some postprocessing units?

That depends on what you mean by “similar to the 1-spot”. I have good experience with using the power supplies from Voodoo Lab, such as the Pedal Power 4x4 for pedals + Shruthis (with reverse polarity cables) or the Pedal Power AC for Ambikas. Isolated power outputs and silent operation.

You’ll need a very big power supply for that!. I just use a home soldered daisy chain cable. You could use it for what you want to. But you’ll have to find a +2A PSU.

ok sure, for several ambikas i would need a lot of current. in reality, for now there will be only one but several “post-processing” units (reverb, compressor, …) which need only a few 100mA, so that’s not the problem.
but so, basically, you think daisychaining should be possible with AC, in the same configuration as it is with DC?
by “like a 1-spot” i meant a daisychain cable like the one that comes with the 1-spot?
also i looked at the voodoo lab page and their AC adapter only has two outputs, i would need 4-5

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC has two outputs that are 9V, and then two additional outputs where you can choose either 9V or 12V. So that makes four outputs in total.

The Voodoo Lab power adapters are not as minimalistic as the daisy-chained 1-spot, but they are proper high quality. Something that is also reflected in the higher price tag, of course.

The 1spot is a SMPS. It is not unregulated as stated above. I’ve had no troubles running a shruthi and an lxr daisy chained of a 1spot.

Try 5 Shruthis.