Anyone used

has anyone used them ?
I ordered a xoxbox kit and 2 mod kits 2 weeks ago and it still hadn’t turned up so i emailed them tuesday and they said that it was being sent wednesday.

i still haven’t received any emails saying that it has been sent.

I emailed them today and received no response and now i cant get onto their website as it is asking for a username and password and says the website is not available.

starting to get worried, i used them because they have a good rep but my experience so far isn’t great

xoxshop used to be great with their previous owner.
but i think the guy who originally used to run it got a new job and sold the shop to someone else (or something along those lines). haven’t heard much about them since.
i think there was a thread about this on - you might find some more info there…

[edit:] here is that thread.

thanks mic.w cant work out how to translate it though.

just glad i insisted on using paypal as they dont normally take paypal anymore hope i dont have to raise a dispute.

when i ordered my anushri and shruthi they were delivered the next day and i live in england.

world class service from MI shame its so rare

Use google translate!

thanks varthdader will try that now

not much in there tbh, i will give it a few more days and see what happens. don’t want to get one from america

Willzyx is based in Taichung, Taiwan and is great to deal with! It only took a weekend for the package to reach these northern shores in Stockholm. Customs didn’t care either :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info jojjelito I was originally decided on going with willyzx but I stumbled accross and it seemed like a better option but so far not so great but if It does turn up ill be happy. The mod kits are a nice touch but I don’t know if willyzx do the mod kits as well

Nope, Willzyx doesn’t do mod kits. It may just be that the are on vacation or some such. I’ve shopped there before, but that was when it was run by Christian. I hope that it works out for you.

keep in mind its vacation season in Germany

keep us posted, as i was thinking of ordering some PCBs from myself.
thank you

I have good experience with both, the previous owner and the new one.
My order from the new owner was missing a few parts, but it was just after he bought the shop and had to get things going. Was sorted out immediately

I had a few phone calls with him and he seemed like a nice and dedicated guy. So I don’t think he would rip you off.

Did you try to access the xoxshop website lately? I just get a login prompt, does the website exist anymore?

@rumpelfilter: same login prompt here.
i think its just server maintanance or something though. the site worked fine like one or two weeks ago when i visited last and they have stuff on ebay right now.

The site worked definitely last Wednesday, this was my last visit.

yeah I’m still waitng for a response on an email from last week after they said they were sending it on weds and i haven’t heard from them since emailed them friday the website was down then too

I just sent them another email and the site is still down so will wait just a couple more days

Ok I heard nothing so I raised a dispute and have now had contact with an apology, an explanation regarding a trashed server a surprise extra gift in my package which I will really like apparently and shipment tomorrow so fingers crossed all looking good.

Guy seems genuine and sincere so now to wait and see what the free gift is…

Aluminium case or limited edition faceplate would be a nice touch but highly unlikely, I wonder what it could be ?

Glad to know!

Keep us updated on the surprise

Well may have spoken too soon he is now asking me to release his paypal tomorrow if he uploads the postage docket I said no chance, if you need it unfrozen you will have to refund me then I will place another order with you and then if there is a problem I can dispute it again.

Sounds a bit moody to me