Anyone thought about doing a hardware mod matrix?

got an XT a few weeks ago and have been fairly blown away by the instrument.

was thinking about how a mod matrix might be laid out on a companion panel below the xt, a la VCS3 or something- and whether this was worth attacking, or if someone else had any experience with trying it.

Modulations are done in Software. So you would have to build a Kind of controller for the software. Possible for sure, but i am Not sure, how much Sense it makes. You wouldn"t be able to patch stuff from the outside wourld if it is just a controller for the mod matrix.

I think there is a arduino shield available that senses physicaly patched connections that is supposed to provide a physical patch Interface for Max and puredate. I can’t find the Link right now though because i am surfing on my phone.

I think all of the hardware input lines required for such a thing are already in use?

But nothing is stopping you sending the information via MIDI to the unit.

I think you were mentioning OML REPATCHER
There is also something related at erica synth
I was wondering if that would be possible to do it the opposite way around : editing the matrix with the programmer and use the midi out to send info on led matrix “just” to visualise were parameters are sent. Eventually such led matrix would work also for drumm sequencing.

decided to go software route on this project. fired up max msp and after a few days of looking at it i think a fixed patching system would be pretty great. maybe have a matrix mixer of lfo I, II, env II routed to osc I and II, param and range. looked again at the monome and feel like it could be an interesting companion.

There is someone at steim developing a similar midi controller… Here is the link it’s worth to check

Oh and I forgot to mention the switch mix from Hinton

Anyone know a place where to find bits of code for those sort of controller?

yeah actually been emailing hinton recently about the pinmix system which is absolutely amazing.

i got a userwave dumping patch going in max that is working nicely now. now trying to learn a little math to generate wavs and then test a small matrix style mixer with the lfos fixed to pwm or something to run through them

gonna use an old doepfer pocket controller for now