Anyone still rocking an old macbook? 2GB memory x 2 (i.e. 4GB) free to a good home

Hi all - just upgraded my late 2010 Macbook Pro to 8GB. So I’ve got 4GB that I just took out of it if anyone wants it. I imagine you might only have to be on a 2008 or 2009 model for this to be an actual upgrade. But maybe I’m deluding myself & they just should go in the bin…
Free to anyone who wants it - although do feel free to send me anything useful that you’re not using, even a bag of passives you can’t be bothered to sort! First to post on here bags it then you can PM me your address.

My Macbook pro is of the second generation. Must be 2007. 2 x 2 would be the maximum but only 3.3 would be used. Don’t know if they would fit… but I guess they won’t. My girlfriend has such a 2010 Macbook pro. But her son filled it with a glass of water so it doesn’t need RAM anymore.

PM me your address & I’ll send them over, may as well try. my mac has speeded up heaps with memory doubled

I recently picked up a late 2008 13" MacBook (model a1278). It’s only got 2 GB in it right now, and it could use a boost. Loopino , if you don’t take them I totally would.

Hi Silverfish and bendy_john. My old Macbook uses DDR2. These DDR3 won´t work. So I step back from pole position. :wink:

I’ll have to check the specs on my machine when I get home and see if I qualify.

ok yeah they’re DDR3 sorry about that loopino - yeah silverfish let me know

Yup DDR3. I’m in. I’ll send you a PM.

Nice one. All that pro-looking SMD shame to waste it. Inside of the Mac looks pretty cool too doesn’t it, proper miniature cities…