Anyone seen this?

I have not been active on MI lately , apologies if is old news


That looks a bit cheeky. No mention of MI, that I can see.


@toneburst My thoughts exactly … I just wanted it confirmed.

Well, MI is written right onto the front panel…

I’ve seen it before … don’t know if it was on the forum. I must say i like the look of the Noise toaster they sell too.

he does mention MI on eBay

Not very happy by the lack of citation.

The guys buy the boards from me, though - that’s a good start…

There’s an MI logo on the box but MI isn’t mentioned anywhere either on facebook, ebay or their own site… v cheeky really…
We’re a loyal lot I suppose, and when someone designs something like a Shruthi people get protective… :-))

Edit - sorry - just spotted the MI credit…

On the Facebook page is no mention in written form of Mutable Instruments at all.

On bay listing his item title states: “SHRUTHI-1 SMR4 MK2 FILTER model by Elettrorama”.
Then down the item description it states: “project by Mutable Instruments”

It looks so ugly for me compared to standard acrylic case or even no case at all…