Anyone looking for a ruthless DVM?

5.5 digit HP for $150, ordered mine today

HP/Aligent 3468B

if it had 1/8 more digit I’d be all over it. I’m too hung up on precision anyway, this would feed the psychosis.

trying to find a place that will calibrate it cheap, going rate is about $150 that I can see. I’ll have to dig into the service manual tonight to see if I can do it myself and not need a 0.00001 V accurate voltage source to do it

Hmm, tempting! Too bad shipping it overseas is expensive from that seller. Gonna go check for something similar here in Scandinavia, or the UK/Germany etc…

Yes, that ridonkolous x0xb0x 5.333V thing makes me look at getting a beefy DVM. Plus, those other things - cloning some modular or perceived hi-end stuff.