Anyone know of a drop-in touring grade encoder?

The 652-PEC12R-4225F-S24 listed in the BOM is just too flimsy. Trying to find something that can gain support from the steel case with a nut and washer. The challenge of finding the needle in the haystack on mouser is just too great, I have to concede defeat.

Your best bet is to look at the manufacturers websites — Alpha, Bourns, and Alps. Maybe others? There aren’t many encoders to sort through once you narrow down the number of clicks, shaft size, and PCB footprint.

The hardest think is being sure of the footprint and that it will fit between pcb and case which aren’t filter options.

Luckily found enough other stuff for free shipping so I think I’ll order a few of the in-stock options and just experiment.

Pots are not so simple, I can’t find anything that fits the bill with panel mounts.

I’ll be sure to post results.