Anyone interested in getting a Chronome PCB manufactured?

Hi there, just a little poll.
I’ve had discussions with a french guy over techniguitare about getting a set of FlipMu’s Chronome pcbs manufactured. We wonder how much interest it could generate.
Preferably for people in the EU.

do you have a link perhaps?


But I can’t figure out what it does.

I’m guessing button matrix like the arduinome ?

hmm, those look like the livid parts… What’s the BOM come to on this thing?

$212.80 from digikey, and $22.26 from various sources - says so on the page I linked… But no mention of the actual product…

Yep, sorry i forgot to give a link. V’cent provided it.
it’s just an extension of the arduinome, which is in itself a diy iteration of the monome. Which is basically a matrix of buttons and leds, that you can use for a lot of purposes as a midi controller. There are a lot of examples of various applications on youtube.
And the main difference between an arduinome and a chronome is that the latter is colourful!

It’s designed as a usb midi controller, but you can surely hack it and use it as a standalone midi controller/sequencer.
The BOM looks like damn expensive, but you can find RGB leds and led drivers for dirt cheap on ebay, which lowers the price by around $80 without an effort.
You need an arduino mega to work it, but again you can find cheap chinese alternatives. Anyway, you can always use the arduino for some other cool stuff, since it’s “shielded”. With the other french guy, we may want to redesign the shield provided by flipmu to directly integrate the atmega chip. Would be cool.

I’m quite determined to build one or two some day, i’ll try to make it a standalone midi controller. One guy has done something quite similar a few days ago, here
I really bet that you can do much fancier things with a chronome or two, but that’s already a cool start.

Damn, I hope he turns that thing into a kit some day… :wink:

The guy with the 9090’s project looks cool, but all but useless as anything other than a drum sequencer, at least from what he has shown… The fact that I can’t really find any solid info on who develops the chronome worries me a bit, since that means that it could easily disappear from the interwebs…

Still can’t quite figure out if I want to try to build one, or just surrender and get a luanchpad S … :confused:

well, his sequencer has few obvious advantages compared to that of a classic x0x thing or the SP LXR, but it’s just a matter of imagination. Just look at this video
It’s more a matter of imagination than programming skills. To me, the 2nd and the 3rd one are killer apps. And those are only monochrome ones, you can probably manage to achieve a better UI thing using colours.

oh, and here’s an other advantage of the monome over a x0xbox sequencer thing

Oh, I completely agree. Combining a control surface like the monome with a computer absolutely looks like the way to go with this kind of stuff.

We’(ve setup some preorder system here :

edit : by the way, the other guy is the author of an interesting midi foot controller project

The 9090 does look cool, but you are correct, V’cent- with no parameter control, no sample/clip playback/looping, only 2 pattern banks, etc.- it’s just a very robotic drum/Bass sequencer. Perhaps it could be used to trigger OTHER sequencers on note/step, but that’s not really worth it.

If his design was married with the Seq v4 core and knobby parameter control, it could be a serious sequencer. I give him all the credit in the world for putting the whole thing in a very sleek package, but it needs a second pass through with possibly another board dedicated to MIDI parameters and arps, etc.

I love LA Craigslist.

It’s need to be connected to a computer kinda sucks, through. And no midi in or out, forcing you to rely on OSC and iPad apps to sequence hardware. Forward thinking (especially with the new iConnect MIDI products on the horizon, but still pretty limiting.