Anyone in need of MCP4822-E/P's ...?

Sourcing the DAC chips for the Ambika voicecards and running into some distributer hickups I ended up with 9 more chips than I actually needed. So if anyone needs some, let me know. (preferably in Germany, as shipping is cheap then)


collector :wink:

How can i be a collector with just 3 on stock?

Collector lives near messy :wink:

Copy that. I’m currently searching for my 30m roll of rainbow colored 10 lead cable… 3 more minutes and i give up and take the grey one instead. Problems, problems, problems…

Hehe, i am just a little bit upset, as i missed to control my last order from mouser. I miss half of the stuff for the control board and just reordered from the big R…this sucks.

@fcd72 has plenty of multicolor ribbon cable, color pattern isn’t exactly rainbow though.

I have found 2 rolls so i have plenty on stock. I didn’t know there was a 2nd Roll…


How many do you need, Frank? I’m thinking about keeping a few in case I decide to do one or two SVF voice cards…
I got an unopened bombproof package that (allegedly) contains 5 chips, so it would be easy to forward. PM me your address if you’r interested.

I am interested in 2 pieces. I am located in Stuttgart - Germany.

Id take all of them, but if you like to pass them to someone who needs them more urgent than me feel free to distribute them to our fellow Shruthizens…