Anyone in for a couple V2164D tonight?

i ‘needed to order those before last weekend and the one before’ so tonight it will be.
anyone in for a few? quantities >25= 2$75 >50= 2$50 >100=2$25 just for completeness, not aiming for a big buy.
if yes, let me know

I’m tempted - i have less than 20 on Stock :wink:

same here, and even less than 10 again! Dagobert panic attacks!

I would take 5, but only if the >25 will be reached since I assume that else it would be cheaper from mammoth electronics

ok i ordered them. should take a week or something.

You had me all excited with the V2164D talk, then i realised it was chips :frowning:

do a google image search for v2164D :slight_smile:

Well, I’m finding a boatload of our avatars, including mine, pichenettes, fitvideo’s & larsens… +Pictures of MI stuff :slight_smile:

turn safe search to moderate :slight_smile:

search for V2164 without the D

Oh you naughty naughty people ! :smiley:


it appears they make a V2164DD :slight_smile: