Anyone have an MS-20 Mini?

Someone is offering me a trade for one (for a bunch of random stuff I hardly use). Anyone have any experience with one? Any issues?

I have one. No issues so far, but I have not put too many hours on it. The nuts on all the jacks are fake, chrome plastic and some people complained that they pop off. It’s a bad ass synth.

I demoed a Sub Phatty and love it, but I’ve had a 15 year obsession with the MS-20 and it just sounds more suited to my style (unsurprisingly). It’s a pretty simple trade- he’ll make out money wise, I’ll make out in getting rid of shit I never use. Plus I can sequence it with my Elektron A4! (I wish it was just a module, though. It’s so chunky.)

Working on a trade for an old Moog Prodigy, so that will hold me over in the Moog department (if it works out).

I’m not sure how useful this might be to you, but here is a direct side-by-side comparison (and a bit more than that) with a real MS-20 from some german dude. Rather fun listening to him but if you dunno what he’s saying just listen to the synths.
They sound veeeery different imo :F

Yeah. The price drop kinda turned me off. How could such a highly demanded item go DOWN in price right after it was back-ordered for months when it first came out.

I didn’t know there was a price drop on the ms-20. Seems odd. Where did you see this?

I don’t know much about the little one , mine is full sized , alongside my VC-10 ;-).

Were they always $599?

They’ve always been $599.

I think side by sides are a bit of a waste of time. Too much effort is put into “but does it sound JUST LIKE an MS-20”? If it sounds good, that’s all that should matter. I say go for it. Then chop the keyboard off and trigger it with MIDI. Shouldn’t be too hard. If you don’t like it, you could probably sell it for close cost (with the keyboard still attached of course).

Personally, I kinda wish Korg would have put a $100 or so more into the hardware though. It would probably still sell great at $699. But, I have thought about replacing all of the hardware myself (when I end up getting one)

I’m THIS CLOSE to a Moog Prodigy Adam! Already looked into the midi and CV mods- easy stuff!

Is it an Early Prodigy without CV IN/OUTS? The mod is not that easy. It requires cutting traces, rerouting, removing and adding parts. I tried it on mine and was not fully successful. I ended up putting it all back together because I didn’t have enough time to invest in it. I’ll probably get the Kenton kit someday to save some hassles. Also, the early models have stability issues with the VCO’s. They all eventually fail and need to be modded. Just something to be aware of.

Bummer on the Pro-One. I woulda traded my Prodigy for it :slight_smile: Of course, since then, I’ve been playing the Prodigy more and don’t want to part with it.

Yeah. Supposedly another company makes a kit that solves the Kenton kit issues. I have to look into it.

Also, what do you mean by “modded”? Tuned?


Sad thing is, coulda picked it up TONIGHT. He was LA local…

I’ll have a vintage Moog one day…or build one of these like you told me about…


Ah, Zthee’s project. He’s one of the good ones. Local (to me) and all. That’s going to be a nice machine to build. Definitely a must as it speaks modular natively.

It’s the resurrection of the ARPs. Just add a sequencer, the Quadra phaser and the Solina chorus and their best-of is covered.

Patiently waiting for TTSH. 1 more month! (As long as the 3rd revision is a go).

Pordigy’s pop up on CL here from time to time. Ill keep my eyes open for ya.

did you get my email about the SC Pro?

I’m close to getting him down to 1k.

@qp Same here. It’ll only be my 3rd project tho. Am I being stupid? (Ive done a Shruthi/x0xb0x) Didnt have many problems other than being rubbish at testing, and a bad CPU chip.
Looks like an opportunity not to be missed.

It’s 3 oscillator boards, which I’m assuming are a lot more involved than the the shruthi filter boards (tuning, etc.). Then a control board that’s probably just a shitload of soldering and (possible) light wiring for the basic connections between the boards (pre patching, of course).

Here’s an idea: why don’t we design a little CV sequencer/gate/controller for it, get featured on his site, and be FORCED to beta test early builds =). If Olivier allows us to scam our way to the top probably program an Arduino and ask Olivier permission to rob the CV in/out panel from the Anushri and have have the keys transmit their hidden midi intentions over CV so we can appease the staunchly anti-midi designer, slap a grey metal case on there, call it “The 26 M1” (as in “minus one” get the math pun!???), and have a xox style 8 step sequencer that can chain up to 64 with at least 8 banks of pattern storage, with 4-5 knobs) for some parameter control (with a Anushri-like switch for reversing the modulation source (sequence parameters using, hidden away midi connections or VCO, VCF PW, whatever over CV).

Perfect controller for a badass monosynth. Oh yeah and arp triggering/latching and a way to use to the 8 xox steps in “arp mode” to represent rests, use parameter controls for octave range and up, down, updown, cyc, rand, etc. I suppose a small button matrix could trigger these snapshot changes.

There you have it. LCD less, sleek, perfect little monosynth controller for the perfect little reproduction of a perfect big monosynth!

Yeah Ryan, Just do it :wink:

I’m capable of about 11% of that build =)