Anyone have an eagle part for this 3.5mm PCB mount jack?

These from the muffs order or the Kobicon non-switch stereo ones (they are identical save the switch

They look pretty much like normal “nut” style sockets, just with a different form of nut (a ring type nut, instead of a normal nut).

Sorry, are you after the eagle number for doing a PCB with them?

the foot print is different. I just burned my evening and did it myself. Learned how to import DXFs into eagle so time well spent

A calliper and a keen eye are better sometimes. I know this from spoke length calculations for bicycle wheels. Rather than trust someone else’s measurements for a hub it’s often easier to measure yourself.

i always go off the spec sheet

Yep, so long as you can find it :slight_smile:

Otherwise you can press it into plasticine and measure the imprint :slight_smile: