Anyone got a spare eeprom?

aargh. so i placed an order with digikey last night, and included everything but the eeprom. doh! it’s too expensive to order singly, and digikey won’t add it to my order.

so, anyone have a spare eeprom? :slight_smile:

I’ll receive a few more eeproms this week (for more “ATMega644p + eeprom packs”).

Or you can try theses 24LC64 =>
samples are available.

interesting! thanks kroutshev. will the 24LC64-I/P suffice yeah? it seems to be the only sample in a dip package…

Yep take that package it’s correct !

rats. they don’t ship to ireland. i guess i’ll hit you up once you get more of those eeprom chips olivier. you might want to update the BOM as well, the listed chip is no longer available on digikey either…

ha, i’m such a twat. Olivier already sent me an eeprom with the atmega chip. DOH!