Anyone from EU/Germany ordering from Digikey in the next days?

Hi folks!

Again, I’m in need of a few parts from Digikey. It has to be Digikey this time, didn’t find the parts anywhere else. So if someone is ordering it would be super nice to get a few parts for me too :slight_smile:


I’d join the show for some Displays…

How many displays do you need? We just have to reach 65 EUR you know :wink:


OK, then I think we have to wait for more people to join, the parts I need are 2,97 EUR total…

Whats that? A ReSister and a ConDanceator???

Hehe, actually its two PCB mount cinch jacks. I already bought 2 from Farnell, but the pins were reversed, so they don’t fit…

maybe maybe maybe…
seems like i need just a few bits, but don’t know yet if they’re from digikey at all. also, if i can get them from farnell EU that would be my first choice of course.
ah yes and maybe some chips and transistors… any timeframe?

rosch! welcome! we were already expecting you :wink:

No timeframe, I was just asking around if someone needs something.

this is really nice.

i need one ad781 for 13.04€

it is digikey number

i din`t find it anywhere except digi-key.

how do we do this?

cheers loderbast

loderblast, look here - $15.90 with shipping

thanks a lot schrab!

if you guys need me to get to the 65€, i`ll stick with you.

otherwise i`ll order it at futurelec.

Ahh go ahead just order from futurelec, the order will work out somehow :wink: No problems.

banzai have the 781 too:

nice. thanks rosch!

i really searched,but all i found was digikey.

i don`t know any good online shops, because i buy most of my stuff at an offline store :slight_smile:
if anybudy lives near mainz and don`t know “schmitt electronic”, you should check it out.
the ad781 was one of the first things he didn`t got. (im am not sure if, but i think some of the stuff i got there was quite rare)
mr. schmitt is a nice guy, too. he likes people who build their own stuff and gives good advice for diy noobs (like me)

YO loderbast,

would you like to joint the German Shruthi Owners Club (GeSOCs) ?

yeah fcd72

i would love that!
…if its a real thing - not just some kind of facebook group :slight_smile:

The first rule of the GeSOCs you do not talk about the GeSOCs - at least not on faceb**k

allright understood.
i guess i`ll wait for somebody to knock at my door and take me to a secret meeting…

how about that digikey order?
do you need me to reach that 65€ ?

if we join gesocs, do we get secret invisible membership cards that we may never ever show anyone?