Anyone doing a Farnell order soon? (I need some anushri parts)

Seems the 3.5mm vertical pcb mount jacks and a DPDT switch can’t be found anywhere but Farnell… And it seems that you can’t order less than £20 worth of stuff from Farnell. I expect shipping to Canada will probably be steep too - are any of you Europe-y types doing a Farnell order soon that I could add a few items to?

…or even better, does anyone have extras of (or a different source for) the anushri parts I’m looking for? 1 x DPDT switch, PCB mount (Farnell 1550108) and 12 x 3.5mm Jack, PCB mount, vertical (Farnell 1270966)

Edit: Looks like I need 2 more of the same switches for a x0x-heart thing I’m making, so make that 3 switches total.

Check CPC. Same company. Think their postage rules are more lax but not as much choice

Thanks. Looks like they only deliver to the UK though.

digikey ?

Huh, that points to an empty cart at

I got the two switches for my x0x heart from small bear, they have a ton of great stuff, and reasonable prices. I ended up having to order the vertical jacks from erthenvar. They only have a 50-piece bag, so I have plenty. Where are you located? I could send you the 11 jacks, for the cost of shipping or so. I’m in California, USA, so I’m not sure how much shipping will be.

I don’t think the erthenvar jacks are the same layout as the ones for the anushri - they don’t look like they’d fit the Anushri pcb… do you have an anushri to check them against?

I’m making the X0X heart pacemaker though, so I do need some of the Erthenvar jacks/nuts for that. I was thinking I’d just wind up just ordering the 50pc bag so I’d have the extras around for future projects - want to sell me 25 of the erthenvar jacks? I’m in Toronto, Canada.

…actually, Small Bear’s got a DPDT on-on-on switch that looks like it might work in the Anushri -

Nevermind - looks like handles Farnell items to Canada, with what looks like $8 shipping. Thanks anyway everyone.

Well, glad it worked out!

…actually, seems the 3.5mm jacks are UK only stock - even ordering through Newark, they add $20 on to the order for shipping the jacks. If anyone in Europe is doing a farnell order soon and could add a few items on for me, that would still be appreciated.

If not, then I’ll just suck up the $20.

Borfo, I need to get a few more of those weird jacks for my Anushri. Are you sure the shipping to Canada is $20? I swear I checked it before and it wasn’t, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

Anyway, I’m in Canada (okay, currently on holidays in the US, but returning next week). Want to split shipping?

I’m not 100% sure - about half the time, I get a notice that they’ll charge $20 extra shipping, other times I don’t - and you can’t get a final shipping estimate without putting in your credit card details.

Yeah, splitting shipping sounds good - where are you in Canada? I’m in Toronto. I’ll be placing the order in the next few days. PM me what you need - I’m going to order the bags of 5 Prosignal jacks (, they’re significantly cheaper than the lumberg jacks, and appear to be identical. Anushri BOM lists them as alternatives. If you want the lumberg ones I can order those though.

Do you need the DPDT on-on-on switches, too? (

Incidentally, I’ll also be doing an order from Mouser over the next few days if you need anything from them. I’m already ordering over $200 from them, so shipping will be free.

Gah! I’m currently away and I’m not entirely sure of everything I need. I definitely need two 5-packs of the Prosignal jacks. I’ll pass on Mouser until I know for certain what I need.

I’m located in Calgary, AB. Can we square up once I’m back from holidays?

Sure, no worries. I’ll throw two bags of the prosignal jacks in there for you.