Anybody ordering from Digikey?

Mouser no longer has in stock the LCD module I used for the MIDIpal. A company has sent me samples of an “equivalent” and the samples, received today, turned out to be very different from what I requested and what the original drawings showed. My only hope if I want to release the MIDIpal kits soon and without wasting any more money on bogus samples is Digikey.

So I’d like to tag on any Digikey order to get 1 unit of this: NHD-0108BZ-FSY-YBW-3V3-ND to be sure it’s the right part before I order all their stock.

I got you.

I order there weekly

@pichenettes: I have that NHD-0108BZ-FSY-YBW-3V3-ND part from DigiKey and it fits your 0.1 nicely.

… pls read " … your v0.1 MidiPal board … "

Ah… Great to know! There’ll already be one from altitude on its way soon…

Let’s go for US mail, priority.