Anybody knows where I can find 1mm screws?

You know the little pointy ones you sometimes find in toys…
I can’t find them anywhere in my city.

What about an optician shop ? Most of glasses have them

Or at a watch/clock maker…

Look here

You can find them either from steel or brass under Schrauben > Gewindeschrauben> Zylinderkopf (or) Senkkopf -> gedrehte Miniabmessungen in the USA is a great resource to buy in bulk. They don’t have any 1mm, but here is a link to some pan head metric screws:

thanks a lot for the advice! I’ll try an optician first… then try online.

If you are not in a hurry i can well include some in my next order.

No I’m not in a hurry!
But let me explain what I need them for. I have received the 5 ports MIDI thru PCB from Peter Kvitek and I want to make a case for it. The PCB is quite small and does not have holes for standoffs to be mounted. Well it has one hole beneath the voltage regulator, but that won’t be enough so I wanted to screw the MIDI ports to the frontplate using the little holes on the connectors (actually Peter suggested that).
Since the holes on the MIDI connector as quite close to the part where the plug goes in, the screwcaps should be quite small.
I looked on for the screw I’m looking for, but could not find the right one. But maybe I looked in the wrong place…

Hm, diy 5 port thru box, sounds interesting, got any links?

ask Peter Kvitek, he’s on the forums (nickname kvitekp), he had pcbs made for himself, maybe he is willing to pass on the files for them ( I think I got the last PCB from the ones he had made). Anyway it’s such a simple circuit, you could just solder it on perf board.

I see and true…

I don’t have any more MidiThru pcbs left, feel free to PM me if you’d like to get schematics, gerber or Eagle files.