Anybody have any ideas for a Eurorack VCA?


I’ve sent a note to Befaco to ask if they have any of the older VCA design left. I think that one is perfect.

Forget Trident, I want envSloop!


I built a Frequency Central filter because it has a basic VCA built in. If you’re short of space it might come in handy to combine a filter and VCA?


That’s a nice filter. The new one has a vca as well.


Very blue !


Apologies for resurrecting. @altitude do you still have the Barton vca/mix? How do you find it?


Whoa! I ended up going with the Befaco HexVCA and am currently working on a triple version of the MFOS Dual VCA.


ah very good. wow you must need a lot of VCAs. I think i am going to grab a veils for myself. because i’m worth it.


Veils is definitely more flexible that the Barton mixer/VCA.




workhorse module. I need a second one. I normalled the main out on mine to the patchbay on my case so it goes right into the main mixer unseen