Anybody have any ideas for a Eurorack VCA?

VCAs are apparently in short supply in Toronto, I suppose there’s been a run on them. I had decided on a Malekko VCA and an Intellijel uVCA2, because they don’t take up much room, but then I saw the Bubblesound vca4p, which seemed ideal. Combination of lots of VCAs, small footprint and exp/lin switch. Only one catch, the output is inverted. No thanks. Frames is honestly more than I think I can use and takes up too much space for my little rack.

There’s the stg, which is linear only (I’m okay with that, prefer it over exponential anyways) but I would need to add attenuators. Then I found Dintree, that looks perfect but I’d need to build it myself from a schematic, something I am not currently knowledgeable enough to do. The designs are actually from Andrew Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick Audio, who I think is in Toronto. I don’t mind making a panel but I cannot find any PCBs for any of those designs, some of which look really handy.

Anyone else have any ideas for a small footprint, lin/exp, multi-VCA?


I’m using an intellijel uVCA2 but frames is on the way

µVCA 2

I figured that would be the answer. When you’re finished planning a great 6u system on Modular Grid, buy a 9u case for it.

If you want a DIY solution, the full kit for the Elby dual VCA might be worth considering. Or the L-1 quad VCA/mixer.

@BennelongBicyclist, thanks for the suggestions. I had not seen the Elby but considered the L-1 Quad. They are both too large 'though.

There are also the PulpLogic 1U tiles - a nice THAT 2180 exponential VCA in 6HP.

Those are cool, although exponential only and AC coupled.

What about the good ole A-132-2

It’s wider than the uVCA. I think I’ll watch for a couple of uVCAs. I figure I’ll be using it in linear mode most of the time since I think the envelopes are exponential. Befaco has a quad VCA in 11hp, gotta check that it. Has lin/exp switch, not sure if it’s DC coupled. Darn, it’s discontinued.

Befaco also has a nice hex VCA in 17hp or so (something odd), other DIY options are the Manhattan VCA in just 4hp (but no lin/exp switch), and the Barton QuadVCA (again no switch), and the L-1 (already mentioned). But I guess neither can compete with Intellijel in terms of quality vca per hp.

I use the Barton quad VCA/Mixer

@altitude, I can’t find much information on the Barton. Found a PCB/Panel for MOTM format, but nothing for Eurorack. Also don’t know if it’s DC coupled, linear or exponential? Where did you get yours?

I also have the Barton. I actually have almost an entire rack of Michael’s stuff. The clock, delaying a/r, arp with expander, DN quantizer, simple quantizer, and vca. I also have another expander and some others in the backlog.

Cool stuff, although the VCA inverts the output. The birthofasynth pages describes the Thomas Henry version with a switch for AC or DC coupled and linear response, and hints at the output being the same as the input (non-inverted). It’s also 15V.

@sammy123, I’d like to see a photo of your rack, it must look great.

or here, with panel:

Had one delivered a few days ago, and looking forward to building it …

Actually, the documentation is a bit vague. There’s mention of the mixer being inverted but I don’t know about the individual VCAs.

maybe ask him directly, he responded quite quickly when I asked something (ordering, though) … the email is on the page:

Well…I guess that depends on your idea of great. My goal was to paint all the Barton panels white, but some are blue and some have acrylic panels…and they aren’t actually in one rack…they are spreadout. Once it warms up I will order more raw panels from Michael and finish the project. Here is an awful photo from my phone.

Mine is an early version with inverted individual outs.