Anybody have a Waldorf MidiBay they don't want anymore?

Olivier, if this is not allowed, I will not be at all upset to see the post disappear. I really like having everything plugged in, but I’m going to run out of MIDI ports on my patchbay very soon. The Waldorf MIDIBay is a 16x16 patchbay, which would be perfect, but they are not easy to find, so I figured I’d ask on here. I have other options, such as using another MIDI patchbay that I have or using the four out ports on my Roland A90 and the 1 in port that echoes to the outs, but it would be easier to just have one patchbay.



Looks like a fascinating device … Never heard of it before now… Hmm…

Oh oh… The cat’s put of the bag.

To be honest I’m currently in the design stage of a 8Bus MIDI Patchbay with modular a modular Input / Output Design…

Add CV in and out to it as well and call it the “Universal Translator” :slight_smile:

I was thinking about some audio Patching as well and call “The Vintage Vault Switching Bay”

fcd72: pretty interesting! Planning any routing logic/rules in the bay?

just an easy 8(maybe) 16 Bus routing with input/output cards that can be plugged into a backplane. No rocket science, just something that allows a bit of tidiness to my ever growing ShruthiVersum™. For shure it may be listen on an specific Bus for Program Changes if thats what you are looking for…

If it’s 16 in, 16 out with some sort of storage, I’m interested.

@fcd72: Also interested. I keep meaning to get a patchbay and need another project.

guess what? i’m in!

@fcd72: Has this ever materialized?