Anybody has problems with the MI website?

Fitvideo reported having some problems with the website, with errors popping up and forcing him to reload the page to view the content. We’re trying to track down the issue… has anybody else had any problems recently?

Not on my Mac, nor on my mobile.

I have severe problems with this website soaking up all of my time :wink:

@fcd72 lol
hmm just found this about vanilla
You’ll get a permission error if your transient key isn’t authenticating. This sometimes happens if you have multiple browser windows open. If this is the problem then you won’t be able to bookmark discussions either.

Oh, theres one slight problem: if i follow the link that comes with the Message notification eMails i cant send the edited Message. I will have to enter the inbox separately.

I tend to get that permission error on my iPad. Even with only one MI tab open, sometimes it thinks i want to reply to something when scrolling and I get some empty box with an error as response due to my empty reply.

I’ll try to reproduce this and write down the exact steps after office later this arvo.

Same permission error here on Win7 64 with latest Firefox browser.

So there is some problems with the permissions… weird because I really can’t reproduce that.

I get the [error] box on the forum sometimes on Android. With my ipad i often get that i keeps scrolling back to the top so i can’t relpy.

one must note that the iPad sucks with a lot of websites…

I always get the error on android halfway typing a message…

Another “bug” I’ve noticed, not sure if it’s browser related on my android phone, if you write a comment and want to preview it there will be a new box with “write comment, preview, save draft” inside the first.
A little bit like Inception… :wink:

Typical, haven’t had the problem yet today.

I have noticed the error box just appear for no reason. I use both IE and Google Chrome.
mainly though it appears when typing , possible something to do with the automatic draft saving functionality.