Anybody got a lead for the encoder and pushbotton switches for Ambika?

The title says it all. Both items are out of stock at Mouser and Digikey. Mouser won’t get any either part in stock until April 17th.

If anyone has an idea where I could pick up an encoder and 8 of the pushbutton switches I would appreciate it.


I have some on back-order. It’s a good exercise in patience.

I’m using during the button crisis these + file.
The button square is bit bigger, so you have to work it.
Caps also hold better.


“Button Crisis” made my Day….

TL1100 at mouser - yes, the cap can be removed. The TL1100 is the same.

The filing thing isn’t great. The caps dont stay on well or evenly. I had one switch stop working (probably due to dust).

But April 17th is a good day…