Any way to get just Control PCB w/ parts and no filter?

For those that decided to go with another filter board, is it possible to get a Control PCB and parts kit by itself, with no SMR4 PCB? Or will that be too cumbersome for you to deal with?

I’m trying to avoid another parts order for the Control PCB as I’ve just completed one for the SSM2044. I’ll buy the whole kit with the SMR4 if I have to, but would like to know if you can do a just Control PCB kit?

I’m not interested in doing that since it’s logistics hell, and for another important reason: I don’t want to turn into a parts seller. I can do it occasionally to help someone fix a board, but I will never be able to compete with digikey. When you buy a Shruthi-1 kit, you buy parts, but also hours of development, documentation effort, kit preparation, etc. I’m not interested in selling just the parts.

However, I still have a few of the bags of passives + ICs for the digital board from the previous batch. Contact me if this is something you are interested in. You’ll still have to source the switches, MIDI connectors, etc.

That’s what I figured, but thought I’d ask. I can source the parts just fine, just realized I probably should have added the control PCB BOM to my parts order for the SSM2044.

I have a shit ton of components from other builds (midibox SID, x0xb0x) that I can pick through and see if I have most of what I need. I’ll likely just get the whole kit and have the other filter board available if I feel like swapping it out.

Wanted to say that i was wondering exact same thing. Feels like wasting material if i buy parts for complete Shruthi AND some another replacement filter board as just one can be used at the time.

I believe that at some phase there would be plenty of ppl. who have shruthi with two filterboards and then they decide to get more kits in polychain.
In that phase i guess that demand for units without filterboard rises dramatically… . .

Oh wait. Not necessarily. :smiley:
When in polychain they need to sound exactly same. Which means that they should have same filter. So the problem with unusable spare filter boards just increases. If i buy 4 kits with Roland filter board i’ll be havin 4 boards that gets no use at all. It makes me sad. =/

Don’t be sad, there’s a solution on its way for the “spare filter board” problem.


Different (tuned) Filter Boards make superfat Pad sound when Polychaining…