Any Shruthi Builders Still Active? Looking for a Metal Case + Knobs

I’m curious if anyone is still building Shruthis for sale to end users. I recently purchased a Shruthi with the SMR4-mkII filter board on eBay to compliment my existing Shruthi with an MP4 (multi-pole) board. The new Shruthi is in a plastic case which doesn’t match the black metal case with wood end panels that houses my MP4 unit.

I sent a private message to Adrian who I believe was the person who created these nice metal cases. But I’m not sure if he is active on this board any longer.

So if someone has a black or white metal case they want to sell, please let me know. I am a very interested buyer.


You can still buy new Shruthi cases (from Adrian Hallik) from Modularaddict.

Thanks for the info!