Any Prophet '08 Owners Who Can Suggest Some Cool Replacement Knobs?

I have a Dave Smith Prophet '08 module (one of the later ones with the pots) and would like to replace the default knobs with something a little sexier and nicer feeling. I actually ordered the knob replacement kit from DSI a while back. But these knobs, which are meant for the Prophet '08 keyboard, are super tall and too big/wide for the tight spacing on the Prophet '08 module. Plus, the replacement knobs still don’t look that cool and they feel even worse than the default small knobs. :frowning:

Incidentally, I’m not looking for anything too specialized or crazy for the replacement knobs - just something like the knobs used on the Nord Lead 1, 2 and 4 series. These have a nice rubbery feel and aren’t too big.

The only potentially tricky thing about the Prophet '08 module is that there are both pots and encoders on the front panel (even on the pots version of the module). The shafts seem to be the same “style” for both. But the pots are a little taller. So I’m not sure if that would require different knobs for each. (The default knobs all seem to the be same however, for both the pots and encoders.)

Anyway, I’m hoping there might be a master Shruthi builder out there who also owns a Prophet '08 who can advise me. I would be extremely grateful.