Any of you playing with breadboards?

I do. A lot. So I got those mini-modules made to make my life easier:

  • +/- 5V (or 8V or 9V depending on the Vregs you stick there) supply
  • Audio Jack out with inverting amp & buffer.
  • Breakout board for 2 pots
  • Breakout board for 4 3.5mm jacks

Anybody interested in getting some of those?

Have a look at for low number PCB manufacturing. This service grew out of the DorkbotPDX PCB Order run by by @laen and now comprises of a two-layer panel every other day. I have ordered numerous times from Laen and the service and quality are just great.

want some

First, to make things clear, I will sell only the PCBs.

I haven’t check seeed’s prices recently. Last time I checked it was getting cheaper for volumes < 50 - but it’s true it was for a bigger board. I should have thought about them…

I have no intention of turning into sparkfun or adafruit, so this project will be the exception to the rule :slight_smile:

Futurlec can also do PCBs, IDK their pricing but that’s another option :slight_smile:

Those look excellent! Just wondering-have you thought of getting short-run stuff like that made by someone like iteadstudio or seeed who won’t charge extra for tooling costs?

nice! one of each, would be awesome tools

Breakout board for midi In, Out and True is missing ? :slight_smile:

I rarely breadboard MIDI stuff without a MCU - so I’d rather see this stuff done on “shields”, “capes” or whatever it is called, for the microcontroller development board of your choice…

count me in! (for a few of both kinds)

those are perfect. not only for breadboarding, but also for perfboard stuff, bending etc. those building blocks are what i always need.

Very cool! I’d love to have some of these.

The ones in the middle (which I haven’t assembled yet) are for a pair of PCB-mounted pots (same style as on the Shruthi) ; and 4 vertical, PCB-mounted, 3.5mm jack (Lumberg 1502 03)

whats the 2 other ones in the middle ? and is that a mb102 breadboard? i am planing to do some pedal effets on breadbord am sure some of these will come in handy.
will these be suplied as kits or already assembled units

Interesting, ie. I’m interested…

I had 10 of each of those made and plan to reorder more. Doing boards is expensive (about $80 tooling), but I really needed those because I breadboard a lot and I always waste time rebuilding the same things or getting hurt by parts that pop out of the breadboard :smiley: I’d be happy if selling those 10 and another 25 or 50 paid back the tooling.

If you want a VCO / VCF breakout board, buy an entry level Doepfer module and remove the panel. I won’t be able to be cheaper than that!

I’m very interested. I’ve already got some stuff like this for other projects and this would sure make it easier to start experimenting with audio. So yes please… I’m in!

When do you think you might have the PCBs made?

Know what else might be cool but I’m not sure it’s doable… Simple VCO and VCF breakout boards. Nothing special, just enough to make it easy to hook up noise and filter it with breakouts to make changes. Doable or too much for little boards like this?

Count me in!

i’ve got too much stuff already but those look far more practical than my current setup… and since i use breadboards a lot…
I might be interested in getting some, yep.

Oh shit yeah!

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no standard for breadboard spacing… I think MicMicMan’s breadboard is too large for those modules. Those modules are for breadboards in which the gap between row 2 and row 3 is 7.5mm. Looks like MicMIcMan’s has 10mm.