Any Midipals out there for sale?

I am looking for buy.
I need the midi dispatcher to double the polyphony on my Blofeld(s)

MidiGal is also an option.

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Where are you in the world? I have an assembled midigal in a black acrylic case in Europe.

I live in Canada.

There’s also Midibro.

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Thanks! Is the Midibro tough to build?

It’s a straight forward project. Much easier than a full synth like a Shruthi/P6/PreenFM

Where in Canada? Just curious, I’m in Ontario, Mississauga actually.

Sarnia, Ontario. 180 Miles to the West and South, on the 43rd latitude.

Bit of a commute for us! Let me know if you are going to be in the Toronto area.

I want to increase the polyphony on my Blofeld, so I want to know if this is possible with the attached diagram.

It could work!

The MIDIBRO is constantly out of stock at Audiothingies!
I still want one, but in the interim I bought a MIDI SOLUTIONS PLUS and a Quad thru
only because these devices are unobtanium.
Too bad someone in Canada does not have one for sale!

I have a MidiPal for sale. I am in Toronto. Message me.