Any MIDIpal programmers out there?


I have an idea to rewrite some code of the scale processor, so I can make my own scales (with probably the use of pitch-bend data as well).

I do have experience in programming, but not with the Midipal obviously.

So it would be cool to know a few people who already successfully ‘hacked’ the midipal software.

It shouldn’t be hard, since adding a new scale would mean adding/replacing a Array of CONSTANTS? And adding a pitchbend value per note is having a second Array of CONSTANTS, and a little code to apply the pitch-bend value.

So, give a shout in this thread if you succesfully added some features of your own.

Ps. I saw the getting-started thread for MacOSX-development, which is really handy!

It’s C++, so if you know that it won’t be too hard.

The important thing is to have a ISP programmer for the Amtel, if you screw up then you may need one.

Code size is the big issue you need to watch, you don’t have that much storage for firmware on the chip.

I think the midipal code is the best MI code to get into…
You could easily changes scales in the tables in this file…

You could also just upload your new firmware by midi the bootloader should be protected so you will always be able to downgrade to stock firmware,