Any help for a desperate electro shruti beginner?

Hi, I’m a novice in electronics therefore I really took my time to perform the mounting of the shruti. I put together the parts of the 2 cards but didn’t put the lcd screen cause there is no contact at all. I can’t understand. I showed to people unable to help me. Could it be because I didn’t soldered the sockets but soldered the micro processors directly on the card of the SMR-4 board? Or else every elements seems to be correctly assembled.

If anyone has an idea I’ld be really grateful, I’m really stuck

Thank you very much!

You need to solder this onto PCB and then the LCD

Or wait. You have two boards, does one look like this?

Please post photos of your build.

Hello, here are some pictures I took, sorry for the quality. If the problem comes from the filter board is it possible to buy just those parts? Cause I really don’t understand why it doesn’t work and don’t know what to do. Thank to all for any help.

Have you done the voltage checks on the filter board?

Yes but unfortuately 0, nothing. I asked people around but no clue

gaudi, I had many issues building my Shruthi’s, but I got them working in the end (with help) there is a slim to zero chance anything is wrong with the unit or components…all my issues revolved around bad solder joints…inspect the board with a magnifying glass…

When you get it working, and you will, it will be bliss…They are magnificent synths!

If you don’t have the right Voltages you should check the power supply. What kind of adapter do you use? Did you measure it’s output? Did you maybe swap the regulators?

I tried different power supply, mostly a 230V-50Hz 60mA adapter SEC 9V-600mA, and also tested it with a multimeter. I have had the chance to work with a magnifying glass lamp and don’t think that the problems comes from the solder joints but I’m not an expert at all. I didn’t swap the regulators but thanks for your help !

Is it a AC or DC supply?

Center pin positive? This is the opposite of what you usually have for guitar effects etc.

Hi gaudi,

If you have the right power supply then the next step is to measure the voltages on both regulators (7805 and 7905).
Measure the voltages between GND and all 3 pins of the 7805 and 7905.

Keep going gaudi! You’ll get there…took me three months of pulling my hair out to get mine working, but It worked in the end LOL :-D…some nice person on this forum came to the rescue and fixed my Shruthi for me…

If you get desperate, check the builders section for people who can help…

@Adam: glad you solved your issues with your second shruthi yourself! If you have any further problems, you know my address :wink:

Thank you Christian, I love my Polivoks, don’t know how you managed to get it working after I had tampered with it! :smiley:

Hello everybody, still not working unfortunately. Does anyone around Paris would agree to meet somewhere to have a look? It would be really nice. Thank you very much and have a great day !

Have you checked your power supply?

yes indeed, I’ve tried with a 9v battery, an 230V-50Hz 60mA adapter SEC 9V-600mA adapter, another one 12v and with a Multimeter but 0 so it might be a bad solder or else I really don’t know. Thank you