Any good black friday synth deals anyone?

Its the infamous black friday after the USAs Thanksgiving, anyone know of any deals to be had?


A lot of the native instruments stuff is half off

Cool. Thanks

Propellerhead Software has some Black Friday deal, there’s rumors of other software having deals too, maybe there’s something useful (happens sometimes) on GearSlutz?

The increasingly global culture and impending Xmas has lead to lots of online retailers having these kind of deals today here too. Sweden has its moments of being Americanized, some good, some odd, a few bad. Saw some deals in Norway too…

Bitwig at 199$ :smiley:

Elektron has anything 15% off I think.

Some Waves stuff is on sale.

Yea, I just got the Elektron newsletter, everything is 15% off, wow

Oh, and Nave is $9.99 today.

I got a Casio CTk-2090 from Target. It is the one that has the SK inspired sampler. I wouldn’t recommend it as it lacks real MIDI and the keybed is not even velocity sensitive. It is too big for me to reason keeping for the “lo-fi” sampler as I already own an SK-5.

However, if you are into this kind of thing, you can buy one and try it yourself. Maybe get it for your kids? Circuit bend it?

It is 70 USD instead of the usual 170 USD. It is “cheap” for an SK with USB midi, so a good deal if you just want to try it. It also comes with a stand, but I didn’t bother getting that out of the package.


Well… Someone did the work for us :slight_smile:

Teenage Engineering also has its annual sale going on. If you ever wanted an OP1: now is the time to get one. Or maybe next year :wink: