Any Free Windows VSTs to recommend?

I got a new laptop recently so I’m just being curious about what the MI community can come up with…
Feel free to mention anything (Instrument or Effect) you like using on your own tracks ! :slight_smile:

I havent’ been using VSTs in a long time… but TAL has some really good ones:

also check the “free stuff” cat on synthopia:

Ive been using some of these, i think they have demo versions

Synth 1 seems to be the default free VST. It uses the stock oscillators, but it was based off of the Nord series of VA keyboards. Still very useful.

I use this effect for a long time : Glaceverb by Dasample
It is not like the others reverberation, you can use it for soundesign or conventional reverberation I like it !

+1 to Glaceverb it has several great uses and built in bass boost. Sounds great with hardware.

if you like the SQ80 sounds it seems that sq8L free vsti is really close to the hardware synth!
there are few vids on youtube: eg

and you can even load sq80 patches!

Ambience by Magnus has become free some time ago. It’s another really nice reverb plugin:

Gonna try these reverbs !