Anushri with usb keyboard

Just coming to the end of my build. I would like to use my Anushri with an Akai LPK25 usb keyboard and the rack mounting kit to make a sort of mini mini Moog. My main problem is that I have no idea how to connect the usb keyboard to the Anushri. Any suggestions?

You need a USB MIDI host. Someone mentioned this project.

There´s some non-fyi alternatives too, Kenton makes one, the Teenage Engineering OP Lab is another one.

I have been very successfully using my raspberry pi with a $5 USB MIDI cable as a standalone USB host device. If you know nothing about linux or SSH it’s a real pain tho. But once you’ve got it setup, it just works as soon as you power up.

Having read over some of the older threads, it seems there are no easy answers to the problem. Kenton and iConnect make solutions, but they are bulky and not cheap, which goes against the mini mini concept. The other diy routes using arduino (or Raspberry pi) seem to involve a lot of investment in kit and learning time, out of proportion to the end result. And as I am building this for a friend who will be using it mostly for live performances, simplicty and reliability are essential.

Seems a pity, as usb looks like taking over, at least in the lower end of the market. I am now looking at the Alesis Q25 and Miditech keyboards as solutions. Anybody had any experiences with these?

Miditech stuff tends to be very good.

@bleo Hello, do you have link about raspberry pi as a standalone USB host device please ?

I bought the Alesis Q25 for my new dsp-Twist.

Reliable and cheap.

I just use an old iPad and the MidiBridge app, connect camera connection kit, and plugin your NanoKontrol or Akai or what have you, and a cheap usb-midi cable to Shruthi. Works like a charm! No diy though :slight_smile:

@mrdrbobo This sounds interesting. Forgive my ignorance of all things Apple but how do you connect both the USB controller and the USB-MIDI interface to the camera connection kit simultaneously?

With a Hub ?

A powered hub?

If you want to power anything over USB a powered hub might be a good idea…

Get an old iPod (cheaper than iphone) and it will work too.

Please note that a powered hub might not actually deliver sufficient power to also charge or even power an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device.

There are species of powered hub that will. Thinking Nanopad + Nanokey here or Qunexus? Presumably MIDIBridge acts as a USB host? There is a website out there describing hacking the Nanopad to have a real MIDI interface. Has anyone done this for the Nanokey?

Airplane mode and a full charge has plenty of power unless the iDevice is old and the battery is on it´s way out.

Some googling might reveal if there´s hubs that charge too.

No powered hub necessary. See pic.
Nanokey-usb > hub
Shruthi > Midicable-usb > hub
hub > cam conn kit > iPad
Thats all. I was surprised really how simple this solution was, given there are only a handful of expensive devices (Kenton) that can do this. And everybody has an old iPod, iPhone or iuPad lying around, right?

Thanks for this - very interesting! Might have to ask Santa Claus for some ‘Appleware’! Is the iPad to camera connector a standard Apple item or a third party? I like the look of the Genome MIDI Sequencer on the iPad - I presume this will work with MIDIBridge?

Camera connection kit is standard apple accessory.

Don´t know about the Genome Sequencer, but I would guess it would work