Anushri: what not to do?

Hi all, and Pichenette too…
Excuse my poor english and noob question.
Soon, I will want a second Anushri for experimenting with modular jacks.
I’m imagining a lots of things to do.
I want to know, is there some sorts of connections we must avoid at jackings the modulating possibilities
or if we can do whatever we want?
I don’t know if my question is clear…:slight_smile:


you have to make connections only between in and out jacks i think.

No there is not much you can break by making connections, at least I haven’t broken anything so far and I’ve tried most combinations :slight_smile: Patching two Anushris together does not make much sense though, The problem is the Anushri won’t output much modulation CVs, and that’s the interesting part… you need a modular setup, some Sequencers LFOs and EGs and then things get interesting! :slight_smile:

thanks rumpelfilter,
I,Ve got more things to think now!
But at least, two Anushri in midi, makes a more fat and amusing mono synth…


Oh yeah that’s of course a good reason! you can also cascade them, routing the audio out from one to the other and turn the 12db filter into a 24db one :slight_smile:

yeah… good!
But I wonder, if you take two Anushri, the first with a 32 step seq and the other with say 24 steps seq, How can I sync thems to do complex seq. More by midi or more by jackings theirs gates, clocks and CVs?

if you just want them to go in sync I think it’s the same with either MIDI sync or GATE sync.

I have just a last question:
Do you think we can do with anushris what we can do with shrutis,
I mean, link to shrutis to do two notes polyphony?
Or maybe it’s possible to do that with two anushris and a midipal?


Anushri doesn’t support “polychaining”. If you want to do that, you need the MIDIpal.

thanks Olivier
anyway, soon I will need a midipal for my others synths